Thursday, April 22, 2010

Once upon a time...

Once upon a time there lived a little girl who loved horses. She always wanted to see a horse ever since she was 4. She loved other animals to but most of all she liked a horse. Her name was Desaray. Her brothers name was Derek and his favorite animal was a horse too. They lived in Oregon. Her brother always wanted to see a horse too. He always wanted to see one when we was 6.

Guess how old they are now? He is 9 and she is 7. They both had lots of horse toys but they still didn’t think that they had enough. But one day it was Derek’s birthday and he was so happy because he was 10 and he could go and see a horse. They had fun but his sister didn’t get to go.

Two years later it was her birthday though and she was so happy because she would get lots of presents but you know what she got? She got lots of horse toys after her birthday party and she got to go see a HORSE!

The End!

-Destiny (written at age 8)

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TJS said...

Darling! I love it! I remember writing stories like that! :)