Friday, April 23, 2010

Pictures from Regionals-

Duo partners, siblings, friends... ahh... Love you David! :)
The Space Needle!
The beautiful view! :)
David.. being "cool" ;)
Brad, Kasey and I :)
This is a picture of us taking the picture.. as you can tell above, Devin got cut out.. :P
Aaron, Karissa, Emma and I.. fun fun! :D
Doug and Wall-E! :D
Sam and Ryan.. :D

are we goofy or what..? :P
Brad and George :-)
We were all matching perfectly. It was epic.
Sarah and Emma
Emma and Paul! lol
Stephanie, Karissa, Ellie and I <3
George and Hannah :)
Emma, Brad and Caroline
LOL! George and Sam...
Hannah, Sam and I =)
Haha, Aaron and Sam... being weird. :P lol
The Duo team. they rock! :D
Jonathan and I.. we were matching :)
Elijah, Emma and Ellie.. goofy kids! ;)
Mrs. Hudson, Tournament Director
Lighthouse and Clarion
Siblings <3
Ballot party! At Denny's.. again! fun fun! :D
just sittin around..
On the drive home. David, and his "two" blizzards... :-o
Devin.. so cute ;)
yours truly..? :P haha
Emma :) :)
The Frye's and us! They're sooo awesome!!!! :D
This is what I got.... :)
We stopped at a little town by Portland.. it was so neat! It was just like California :)
And there we are :-)

Here are the pictures from Regionals! =)



Ted said...

I like how I'm in none of them. haha well I'm glad you all had a great time! :D

p.s. you should have let me know that you were gonna stop at Bridgeport! :D

Destiny said...

Ted: I know.. I realized I got like no pics of you guys... :( it's so sad. That shall be different at nationals though!

p.s. Oh we so should have told you! It was pretty much amazing there! Totally reminded me of California... it was awesome :)

Anonymous said...
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Lydia said...
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