Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Regionals 2010

Wow, this last week has been quite interesting. Lots of stuff has happened… just thinking back, it’s hard to take it all in…

David, Devin, Emma and I all went to the NCFCA Region 3 Regional Invitational tournament last week in Seattle. We left last Tuesday with Anne Turner who so graciously drove us there and was our “guardian” ;) It was a ton of fun!

Tuesday night we stopped in Portland and then Wednesday morning we left to Seattle and got there around 1:30pm. That night we all got to go to the speech/banquet thing which was actually held at the Space Needle (which was WAY cool!). The view from the top was absolutely gorgeous. We were able to watch the sunset… see all the buildings light up… and see the moonlight reflect off of the river… it was absolutely beautiful! Ah, I wouldn’t take back one min. from the entire night!


We didn’t get to bed that night till around 12:30am… and what a joy it was to wake up at 4:45 the next morning! Woohoo!! Haha! Talk about getting a lot of sleep.. :P In fact, we didn’t get to bed till about 12:30 (or later) every single night and I woke up at about 4:50 every morning… which was…. interesting. lol! However, my body took it pretty well :P :)

The tournament was TONS of fun though! I really enjoyed being with all of my friends, seeing people I hadn’t seen for over a year, and just being able to be surrounded by wonderful people for 3 days in a row. It was amazing. Truly amazing. :D

On Saturday morning they announced breaks… and let my tell you, I was a bit nervous. I didn’t know what to expect… however, surprisingly we all broke to semi’s in everything! David in his DI, Emma in her HI, both of our Duo’s, and my DI and Persuasive. :-) It was pretty neat!

When they announced breaks for finals though, only Emma broke to finals in her HI! Which was really awesome! We were all very excited for her!

I was a little disappointed though... I mean it wasn’t like I cared “that” much that I didn't break to finals in anything… but it was the third year in a row that I broke in duo to semi’s, and not finals, and I really wanted to qualify to Nationals in a duo. But there was nothing I could do. Oh well. :P

The tournament went by so fast, and all of a sudden we were sitting in the main sanctuary waiting for the award ceremony to start. Ah. It was over. My year was over (or so I thought) and I was pretty content with it. =)

But then! Guess what?!? As they called up all duo’s for semi’s… they were announcing the names, and David’ and mine didn’t get called till last, along with Ted and Katie (who had also made it to semi’s in their duo). We were the only two teams there just waiting for our names to be called…. And then all of a sudden we hear “And qualifying for nationals” OMOGOSH!!! I think I literally jumped! Wow.. I was so close to crying. Haha… it was a moment I shall treasure forever. Pretty awesome :D Since there were two pre-qualified duo’s who broke to finals, their slots got rolled down to Katie and Ted, and David and I.

Gosh, that was amazing.

Anyways, back to the awards. Emma placed 8th in HI, and qualified for nationals!! Yippee! Karissa placed 4th in IO, and is qualified for nationals!! And a ton of my other friends placed…. I was so excited for everyone! Congrats to you all!!!

Oh WOW. This was an awesome tournament! (I know I keep saying that… but it’s true, it really ! It was awesome!!!) God is so very good! I thank Him so much… I praise him through our wins and looses, and may all the glory go to Him!!!! ♥


Alright, well I’ll stop talking. This is turning out to be quite a long post. :-/ Hopefully I didn’t bore y’all… :P even though I have so much more to say, so many more memories I‘d love to tell… I think I better wrap this post up ;) =)

If you were at the tournament though, I’d love to hear your highlights from it! So please comment and tell me what you enjoyed, and your experience etc. J

-Destiny ♥

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Sable said...

Are all of you going to nats?? (David Emma and you?) What about Karissa? That would be so awesome to see you their =D

Oh, and congrats ;-)