Friday, November 14, 2008


Original picture
[sorry about this picture being side-ways... I just can't get it to go strait!!]

Here is a drawing I did of my Grandma Dot when she was a little girl. Wasn't she cute!?!?! :) 

I gave this drawing to her for her birthday... and, uhh... I'm not sure if she liked... [she shed tears...] :o) 

I was so afraid I wouldn't get it done in time. I was actually drawing it on the way to the party! I really cut it close!! :D But, now it's done... *sigh*...

Well, I hope you like it! Tell me what you think... please:D



John said...

Wow! I was completely blown away by your drawing. It looks like a profession drawing. You are really good. Keep it up. You really do have talent.

Dan Taylor said...

I was expecting this to sat "written by Leonardo da Vinci!

Great Job!

Dan Taylor said...

Or "Drawn by Leonardo da Vinci."

The Goldman Family said...

You are so sweet! That was a wonderful gift to your Grandma Dot for her birthday! She cried with tears of joy! I agree with the others you did AMAZING!! I love you Destiny

Ginger said...

That is a great drawing of my sister Dottie...and yes I remember that picture. Destiny you are so very talented!!!!

Grandma of Many said...

Des - I loved it. It was tears of joy. I was so blessed on my birthday with so many wonderful gifts. Thank you again for honoring me this way. Love, Grandma Dot

Hosanna said...

Wow, Awesome Job.
I wish I could draw like that :D