Thursday, November 13, 2008

Of such-and-such

The Whole Crew!
The "Older kids" :) 
Samuel, Emma, David, Destiny (me) and Devin
The "Lil' kids" 
Abigail, Jared, Rhiana, Mercy, Kayleigh and Jonathan
Carmaan and I

These past couple of weeks my Aunt, Uncle, and cousins came to visit us from Kentucky! It's been so wonderful getting to see them again. The last time I saw them Kayleigh wasn't even born, and Rhiana was still just a lil' baby girl!

We've had a wonderful time with them. Oh, and about the pictures... well, these were taken late last night... (yup, David's really wearing his pj's :P)
Anyhow, I've also been very busy helping my younger siblings with the upcoming jr. speech tournament. I guess you could say we really didn't even start getting them ready till... um... like two weeks ago. So, they're really working hard! But, I know they'll do good, cause they're always good!!! :) Also, Kaila, Karissa, Alex, David and I will be leading worship at he jr. tourney, so we've been doing a lot a practicing!

Oh, and I wanted to save the last bit of news because it's really, really special... HAPPY BIRTHDAY GRANDMA DOT!!!!!!!!! I hope you have a wonderful day! You have been so loving, kind, encouraging and just completely amazing! I love you most, most, most (I said it last... :D)!!!  And also, HAPPY BIRTHDAY KAYLEE ANDERSON!!!! You are such a cute and kind little cousin! I hope you have a great day as well!

God bless,


devin said...

It was a lot of fun. But are you going to say that the flight, did not have enough seats.

Your bro...

Grandma of Many said...

Thanks for the post Des and sharing the pictures of the family and for the birthday wish. No, I love you most, love you most, love you most!!! Also, thanks for the wonderful picture you drew of me when I was a baby. It is amazing. I need you to post it for me. And, I too, say another birthday wish for Kaylee, my twin, ha! Jodi isn't the only one. Love, Grandma Dot