Thursday, November 20, 2008

Can you do it?

Alright, you might all be wondering what the heck this silly little "thing" is ... well, it's something that I have tried and  tried to draw but to no success!! 

Many of you might be saying to yourself, "What are talking about... I could draw that anytime!"

Well, that's until you figure out there are rules to making this "thing". 

  • You can't cross over any of the lines that you have already made (you can't backtrack any lines) -
  • You have to draw the whole "thing" without lifting your pencil from the paper-
Now, you try and do it... and if you figure it out... call me! (or I guess you could just leave a comment).. :P



Joshua West said...

i have tried to do that before, its a lot of fun but can make u go crazy after a wile.

Isaac Harris said...

Question: Are you allowed to backtrack your own line? As far as the rules that you showed go, it wouldn't be illegal, and I could do it really easily. :P

Hosanna Frye said...

Cool, I've never seen this one before. I've seen the barn but not any others. Thanx for shareing. You cant cross over another line except for the middle right? I mean you cant really make an X without crossing over the other line. :D

Destiny said...

Isaac: You can't backtrack your own line... sorry! I shoulda made that more clear... what I meant by not crossing over any lines would be that you can't go over a line that you have already draw (in other words, you can't backtrack it).

Oh, and Hosanna, yes! You're on the right track:D


Isaac Harris said...

Wait... So with the X you _can_ cross over? That doesn't really follow the rules. And yes, there is a way to make an X without crossing the lines. Think about it.

But if you can cross the X than it makes it WAY easier.

Hosanna said...

@Isaac: You're right, ....I've played a game similar to this, and somehow that was against the rules....but I don't remember how now :P :)