Monday, October 13, 2008


The beach was beautiful!!!

Building the 'sacred egg thingy' :D
Jared on the big rock
Ok... so you might be wondering why the heck I'm posting this picture... well, Jonathan was so fascinated with this 'little' leaf. He couldn't believe that it was so small, and there were such big ones as well! It was so funny to watch him say over and over again, "Look, I got a little leave.. *then he's smile real big*..." He's so cute! :o)
Here we are, all the girls of the families! I know I know... we're much cuter then the guys:) heheh, I'm jk...
The boys
Jared, Levi and Jonathan just about to be flooded with water! [notice Jonathan's face]
Ellie, Emma and Cassidy
Abigail, looking so very cute!

Eating lunch.. yum!

Drew, Caleb, Levi and Jared
Tait with Noah
Mom, Jonathan, Abigail and me

More girls... :D
Whoa! Look how small they are to that big tree!! :P
Karissa and I
Can you tell we're cold?
Noah, doesn't he look adorable!?!?

Karissa and Stephanie
Kris and I

This last Saturday my family was able to go to the redwoods and the coast, along with the Anderson's and some speech friends of ours. 

We all met at Albertsons to begin the day [yes... we were the last ones there... :P] We caravanned from there to the redwoods, and from the redwoods to the coast. When we got to the coast we ate lunch, and then begin to do various things, such as: run around, play in the ocean, climb rocks, get wet and build a sacred egg thingy:P It was really fun! 

After it started to get pretty windy, we decided to head over to a park by the river. It was beautiful! We took a little nature walk [well I guess it wasn't little, 'bout 3 miles, I got blisters because of my stupid shoes!.. :o)] threw rocks in the water, drank hot chocolate and had a wonderful time of worship. 

Then we headed back over to the beach to watch the sunset! After that we went to dinner [taco bell] and almost filled up the whole place! It was pretty awesome! Finally, after a long day, we began the journey home! 

In all, it was a very fun-filled-day!!! 

Hope you enjoy the pictures! :o)


[note: to see more pictures either go here or here ]


John said...

I enjoyed the pictures a lot. Looks like everyone had loads of fun. We went the same way home one time, and those trees sure were big. Almost as big as me!

Josiah said...

Great post! Sponds (and looks) like you guys had an awesome time! Gotta love the beach!

Grandma of Many said...

Thanks for sharing all the beautiful pictures Des. I wished I could have gone again this year but I enjoyed the Jazz Jubilee tremendously. Maybe next year. I feel like I was there after seeing all the pictures. It brought back memories. You sure got some cute ones and interesting ones. Love, Grandma Dot

Ginger said...

That was one really fun day!!! The pictures were so clear and I too felt like I was right there. Thanks for posting them. I love the ocean and go every time I get the chance. Love you. Aunt Ginger