Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Happy Birthday Emma!

Wow... Emma, my little sister with big blue eyes, curly blond hair and a smile like no other, has turned 12 years old! She has grown up to be a lovely young lady of God's kingdom! 

I remember years ago when she was just a little toddler, she would waddle around the house signing... or be playing with her stuffed animals. Both her and I loved dressing up, we would try and look so grown up... it's hard to believe now that she is 12 though. I always knew she would have to grow up, but I never realized it'd happen before I even noticed. She has been such a blessing in my life! Though we are a lot alike, and we do get into some fights, she's been a huge and wonderful gift from God to me! I can't imagine life without her! I know I haven't always been the best example to her, being the oldest sister, everything I do is noticed and admired from her even if it's good or bad. I pray that I can be more of a role model for her, just as she has been to me!

I love you Emma and hope you have a wonderful day on your birthday!!! You deserve the best of the best!

Love from your big sister,


Vickie said...

Happy Birthday Emma and you sure are beautiful in this picture. Hugs my sweets...

Victoria said...

Happy Birthday, Emma! Thank you for your friendship and encouragement to my life. I hope you have a great day!


Josiah said...

Congrats and happy b day Emma!

Ginger said...

Happy Birthday Emma and what a great post from your big sister Destiny. I know your day will be very special just as you are! I love this picture of you...truly beautiful you are. Love Aunt Ginger

Grandma of Many said...

Happy Birthday again Emma and I hope you enjoyed your party last night. Is this the real picture Des or the one you drew just like it? It is hard to tell the difference. You are a wonderful big sister and role model. Love you, Grandma Dot