Friday, October 10, 2008

Jared and the phone!

Okay, so a few days ago something very hilarious happened. 

The story begins-
My little brother Jared [who's 7] was going to call my dad, but he didn't know that dad at left his phone at the house [in other words, dad didn't have it]. So, Jared takes mom's phone, dials the number and waits. 

In the other room, I'm doing my hair or something, and hear a 'ring-ring-a-ding-ding.' I pick the phone up to see who it is and immediately guess it must be one of the kids. Thinking up something funny, I grab the phone and answer.

Me: "Hello?"

Jared: "Hi... umm.. hmm... is this.. my.. daddy?"

Me: "Ah, I'm sorry, you've go the wrong number." [btw, I was speaking in a Scottish accent]

Jared: "...uhh...*silence*... *beep*..."

I ran to the other side of the house to find Jared telling Devin of what just happened. He said, "I called dad and this person answered and said, "I'm sorry, you've got to wrong number." [btw, Jared imitated the Scottish accent] I think she was Spanish!"

I then told him that it was just me pretending to be someone else... he didn't understand at first. But, I think he's got it know. It was pretty hilarious. 



John said...

That is so funny. You were at the right place at the right time.

Josiah said...

That is a great story, one of the ones you'll remember for a while I'm sure. 'Glad you posted it!

Isaac Harris said...

I love practical jokes that are hilariously mean... But not too too mean. Good job. :D

Grandma of Many said...

That is pretty funny Des. I wonder what his face looked like when you answered? The expression would be fun to see. Don't confuse poor little Jared too much though. Love, Grandma Dot

Ginger said...

This made me laugh...maybe you guys could work up a speech with Jared and the phone "Grin"