Thursday, August 16, 2007

Pictures that I took...

This is like my favorite one!!!
Our dog, isn't he cute??? His name is Rockie after the Rockie guy on the movies.
my pearls
Snow white

A cute little flower... This one is cool too:)
Pretty cool

I took this picture from far away and zoomed in, and it still is so clear, did I mention that I am using a $600 camera??? I didn't think so:)
Bird house Can you guess what plant this is??? *Hint* It's not a very pleasant one

I really like this one!

Isn't that just... beautiful!!!
This is some sort of a flower-plant, so I took a picture of it:)

God puts so much detail in His creation... it's amazing, I guess God is just amazing!!! I mean, I know that God is AMAZING.
Can you see the bee??? Cute, eh?
Focus, focus, focus, are you focused??? Good:D
Focus... okay, enough with that:) Ha:D
That looks mossy, doesn't it?

Here is some pictures that I took... I hope you like them. Please leave a comment and tell me what you think. If there is anything that I could do better please inform me of it. Thanks:) Right now I'm watching Jonathan and Abigail. Everyone else went to the Mannatech meeting. I should go so I can do something with them. They are getting kind of fussy. Okay, bye now. (I'll be checking out your blogs and leaving comments, *hint*) Heehee:P

God Bless!!!



John said...

Your pictures are great! I really enjoy them all. You have quite a talent and a good eye. Keep it up.

Ginger said...

Interesting and really good photography Destiny. Very colorful and crisp. Thanks for sharing them with us. Aunt Ginger

Ginger said...

Special Note: Loved your silly picture of are just way toooooooooo cute!

Dottie, Grandma Dot or Mom said...


I love your blog and your pictures. You sure got some good ones of the flowers. I love the picture of you on the front page. It was fun going to the fair with you yesterday.


Grandma Dot

Ellie Anderson said...

Wow those are so so pretty pictures....... keep taking pictures.

Ruth Owen said...

Your good at photography! I love it! Well ttyl. ~Ruth~