Thursday, August 16, 2007

Biblical Worldview Class...

Our Church would like to invite you to a series of Worldview classes held at our Church, by Kenny Anderson.

We shall be studying-
A Biblical Worldview.
Defending the Faith
Counter Worldviews

They are held every Monday from 2-4pm, starting now. All ages welcome.
We are starting with individual sermons and lessons and may get into a whole series of a subject.

No fee, everyone is welcome.
The address is:
540 W. Dutton rd. Eagle Point, Or.
We are just right outside of White City. Only 15 min. from Medford.
For more info e-mail Kenny Anderson at


Kenny's Favorite Nephew said...

haha I'll come!


Ruth Owen said...

I hope I can come!~Ruth~

Aaron Sleadd said...

Hmmm....looks fun!

Emily said...

hi destiny. good morning. i know its early but i couldn't sleep. my dog woke me up. i thought she was chewing on my doll so i had to keep watching her. well that's my morning. how is yours going?