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The life of my mom... Her Christian Testimony

Here is a testimony that my mom gave at a womans meeting... it really neat!!! Please read it, it might be long but its awsome. It tells all about my moms background and everything:) Read it!!! Please!!! Oh, and if you could leave a comment to tell me what you think that would be awsome too:)

Jodi Kruse’s Christian Testimony July 20, 2007 (When she wrote it:)

I want to testify to God’s great mercy and love in my life and His design for the family. I was born in Phoenix, AZ into a Christian family and I want to emphasize Christian. My parents were not just Christian in title but from their hearts it flowed to every area of their lives. I grew up in a home that was filled with love for God, each other, America, God’s people, and His Kingdom. I had two older brothers and a younger sister. A tradition started when my sister was two, I was four, and my brothers were six and eight. We all put our hands together with my parents as a team and called out, “Two, Four, Six, Eight who do we appreciate...The Andersons.” My parents taught us to love and value each other. I truly thought, as I still do now, that we had the best family there ever was throughout all of time. I remember friends coming over to our house and talking about how they wished they could be in our family. It shocked me to hear schoolmates say they hated their sister or hear a neighbor yell to her mom that she wished her to be dead.
I remember every night possible, before going to bed, my dad would find me, give me a hug and a kiss, and say, “I love you most.” “No, I love you most, most,” I would reply. “No, I love you most, most, most,” he would answer. He called me his Queen of Israel and my sister the Princess of Israel. When he disciplined me, it was always with such love. After a spanking, he would hold me in his lap, talk with me and declare, “You are my big, strong, Christian healthy girl.”. I remember crying more about disappointing him, cause I loved him so much and wanted to please him, than from the pain of the spanking itself. We spent all of our spare time together as a family. I knew my parents wanted to be with us more than with anyone else in the world. When my dad would take us to school he would have us repeat loud after him, “I will succeed …In school today…I will do my best…I will find someone who is hurting and be kind to them…I will be a light for all to see Christ in me...Because I am an Anderson…Because I am a Christian.” At night my dad would put a tape in for us to fall asleep listening to that were dramatized Bible stories or dramatized Christian character building stories. To this day, I can quote them and remember the lessons I learned on lying, stealing, and pride, as well as kindness, sacrifice, and perseverance. Many times, when tempted, a Bible story or Character story would pop into my mind with it’s related consequence or blessing which would help me to make better choices. My dad would take everyday occurrences and use them to teach us a lesson, give us wisdom, and teach us biblical principles. My mother was our family’s taxi driver, cheerleader, and greatest supporter. She sacrificed her own time and used it to serve each family member’s unique talents. Through hours of lessons, field trips, vacations, and homework, she helped and served without complaining. She was my father’s greatest admirer. I never saw my parents fight or argue. I have never seen any woman believe in or respect her husband more. She was truly his help mate. She helped him in his business which was called “God’s plan for Good Health.” My dad’s mission out of high school was to help people live healthier lives. He had a health food store, health resort, daily radio program, did nutritional counseling, gave seminars around the country and fought for our nation’s freedom of health. At one point he faced up to 32 years in prison but would not back down. Us children got to witness our dad represent himself in court, be denied the freedom to bring his Bible into the courtroom, watch people lie on the stand, twist things, tamper with evidence, threaten witnesses lives, see our dad be falsely accused, and spend a year in jail. Yet we never saw him deny his faith in God. My mom supported him and was so proud of his stand for righteousness. We visited him every chance we could and heard stories of how he was holding Bible studies in jail and teaching someone how to read. We viewed our dad being just like Joseph, who we heard about so many times on our Bible tapes, and we knew that God was in control and all things work together for good to those who love God and who are called according to His purpose. At this point, my mom began to home school us because she could no longer afford our Christian school’s tuition. A family at church gave us a home to live in on their dairy farm and gave my brothers jobs there. She worked all night, watching an elderly man, so she would be with us kids during the day. We crossed each day off on our calendar, before we went to bed, in anticipation of our father’s return. He did return and went right back to his calling which was helping people get well! In America, we now enjoy some of the heath the freedoms that my dad helped pioneer. The next four years of my life God drew me into a much closer walk with him. Even though I had come from a great Christian family, He showed me how I had a great internal struggle with my sin nature and doing things my own way which I am still being sanctified in today through the Holy Spirit. I saw that I could never please God for I had sinned and fallen short of the glory of God. He brought me to repentance and gave me the free gift of salvation through His perfect Son who was sacrificed for my sin and paid my debt. I was covered by His blood and assured of eternal life with God. I was filled with gratefulness once again for His love and mercy in my life. He also revealed more of His will and role for my life as a young lady. Because I was now home schooled I got to pursue things I didn’t learn in school, like sewing, homemaking, childcare through babysitting, and Bible studies. My parents took us to family church camps every year and at one of these camps we heard of a small Christian college starting in Grants Pass OR. This college was going to be teaching the Biblical Principles that our nation was founded on and would be teaching our nation’s Christian heritage. The text books would be using our founding father’s actual writings. So my dad moved the whole family to Oregon so us four kids could go to this college. There were fewer than twenty students in all that went to the college which also had a church we attended. We were given a chance to reach out to the community. We began a nursing home ministry, youth Bible studies in my parent’s home, raising money for Crisis Pregnancy Centers, started uniting the churches in Grants Pass with an annual Thanksgiving celebration, and performed plays teaching about our Christian heritage and liberty. We also learned about courtship verses dating and all made a commitment to that. My brothers, sister, and I all ended up marrying someone in the college that we had built a friendship with and knew we could better serve the Lord in ministry together than we would apart. Our three weddings (my brother and I had a double wedding) took place within a one year time span. I was blessed to marry a godly man whose goal was to serve and please God and advance His Kingdom on the earth. He believed in covenant and came from a wonderful Christian family. I knew God had created me specifically to be his helpmate. He is my best friend and helps our family find joy in the Lord and in life like no one I have ever met. He is the best dad our kids could ever have. In line with what our parents instilled in us we were all virgins when we got married. Also in agreement with health and nutritional living, we all began to have children and birth them at home. My husband and I are now blessed with eight beautiful, healthy children and look forward to more. We gave none of our children vaccinations or doctor visits. We breast fed our babies and fed them healthy food as they grew up. In fact none of the grandchildren, my parents now have 29, have ever needed any form of medications for any sickness or disease. We believed, as our dad taught that God has made our bodies, His temple, in an amazing way and if we follow His food laws given in his Word and eat the natural food He has made, that we can be healthy. We have all home schooled our children. For income, we four kids are in the same business that my parents are in. Together, we are helping to restore health and set people free from the bondage of sickness and poverty, by what we believe is modern day manna from the Lord. We work for a company that was birthed out of prayer which has a Joseph ministry anointing in the market place. My oldest brother lives in Washington, is a worship leader, and assistant pastor in his church. My other brother pastors a church in White City that my parents, sister’s family, and my family attend. My sister and her family are the worship leaders there. The children outnumber the adults in our church. They sit with the adults in the service, even the babies. My parents always said that each generation should get better and that us kids were spiritually more mature than they were at our age. Now I see my own children maturing in God and His Word far past what I had been at their age. It’s awesome to see God at work in restoring the old waste places. In the future, I see my children and their children bringing glory to God through business, media, education, ministry, government, science, and the arts. Each generation is to be a stepping stone for the next and be willing to sacrifice to secure freedom for the next.
I still have people tell me all the time, as they see our growing family, how lucky we are and how they wish they were in our family. But what I want to testify is that I believe God designed the family to be this way. Our marriages are to be a picture to the world of Christ and the church. Our families are to be a reflection of Father God and His children Israel. If you are a part of Gods family, you do have a family like that. I also want to encourage you to start now with your life and your natural family, declaring that, “As for me and house we will serve the Lord.” Make Duet 6 your chapter and teach your children of God and the mighty things He has done. Have faith that if you seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness that all these things shall be added unto you.
You see, the way our children view their parents, especially the father, is the way they grow up to see their heavenly father. Because of the love my dad gave, the Biblical principles he taught, the conviction he showed, the provision he gave, the trust he instilled in us, the respect my mom had and how she helped him in his calling and work on earth, the anticipation we had for our fathers return, the work we now do along side my father has now given me an assurance of my heavenly fathers love. It has given me a love for my God that wants to please Him, and a belief that I am the Queen of Israel, working along side Him to establish His Kingdom on earth as it is in heaven. It’s caused me to respect and worship Him. I am anticipating His return and trust in His provision, protection and sovereignty because of the mighty acts I’ve heard of and seen Him do. I honor His Word, the Bible, and believe that it is all we need in life as it says in 2 Timothy 3:16-17, “All scripture is given by inspiration of God and is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness; that the man of God may be complete thoroughly equipped for every good work.”
God is continuing to work in my life. His faithfulness never ends. He is a covenant keeping God and I want to give Him all praise and glory. This last year, through the business, products, and success coach He has given me, I have been able to lose 45 pounds, and my husband and I have been able to pay off $26,000 of debt, eliminate a mortgage, and stop the debt cycle and materialism in our family. I have seen my husband, children, and I grow in and be filled with God’s Spirit, in prayer, prophecy, and even be set free to dance and worship Him which is one of my greatest joys. God is awesome. He is good. I feel unworthy to be His child and receive all the love, mercy, and blessings He has given me my entire life. I know that I have the very best Heavenly Father and Church Family that ever will be and will enjoy them throughout all eternity.

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Ginger said...

Jodi that was an swesome testimony. Love Aunt Ginger

Natalie said...

wow, that was great.

John said...

What a terrific speech. Ken ought to be mighty proud of your mom. Ken & Dottie certainly did a good job as parents, and their training came from Ken's and Dottie's parents. But so many people have not had the nurturing that you guys have had. Always remember that and you will be able to show them love and His way.

Kaila Anderson said...

Your mom's so good at writing such stuff-I can tell it all comes from her heart :)

Disciple Micheal said...

Wow. That was amazing. I love hearing people's testimonies, because nothing else compares when it comes to showing the grace and love and forgiveness that God has for us.