Thursday, August 30, 2007

~Pictures of Abigail and Jonathan~

This is my favorite one out of all the pictures

They are both so cute!

I did some one's with Abigail in her pretty dress... but this is the only one that turned out good.
Abigail... doesn't she look adorable?
What a big boy
Ok, we are back in the world of funny faces, prepare yourself... haha:D
That one is pretty good... haha:P
When I was a little girl I used to always make this face and put my hands on my face like that and say, "Oh no," if anything went wrong. It brings back memory's....
Hello again!!! Here is some pictures of my little brother and sister. I took them today, they loved it when I would take the picture and then they would run over and see what it looked like. They are both such a blessing in my life, I love them both so much!
Well, my Mom and David left today for Mannaquest. They are driving with my Uncle Kenny and Kolten. I sure hope that they have fun! I know that I will have fun here with all my younger siblings and dad.... actually, I already am:) Okay, I need to go now... talk to ya later.


John said...

Such cute kids. You did a good job on the pictures. To get a good picture of both is tricky.

Ruth Owen said...

Those are REALLY CUTE!! ~Ruth~

Anonymous said...

Great pics and they are just adorable. Your really taking some interesting poses and that is showing creativity.

Disciple Micheal said...

Awwwww. Your little sibling are so cute.