Thursday, August 30, 2007

Guess who these two girls are????

This is the picture I drew if from
Can you guess who this???? I just drew it last night. Right after posting this other picture I drew. Okay, I cant wait to see what your answers are:) Tell me please!
Vickie, Karissa and Stephanie guessed right, it was Abigail!!! Good Job!!!

The Picture with the drawing. (This is the one that I drew it from).

Can you guess who this is??? And yes, I drew it. Okay, I cant wait to see what your answers will be:) Please tell me who you think it is.

Karissa and Stephanie get the prize for guessing that is was Christina!!! $5000,000,000!!! I really wish I could give you that much... but all you get from me is a couple words that say, Good Job!!! Everyone else did a great job too:)



John Sleadd said...

I think it's Karissa.

Hey, are ya guys going to the Scott's pool party? On Saturday?

Aaron Sleadd said...

Oops. That wasn't dad, that was me.

Ok, bye.

Ruth Owen said...

is it your mom? It's good! ~Ruth~

Kenny Anderson said...

It's Dani Johnson... just kidding, its your mom. Or is it you in the future???

Destiny Jane said...

So far none of you have guessed right. Okay, I will give you a clue, the first letter of her name starts with a C.

P.S Hahaha:) Your are funny Uncle Kenny:D

Destiny Jane said...

P.S One more clue, she is in speech club... well.... not really... okay that is enough clues to get you guessing:)

Ruth Owen said...

Is it Carla? ~Ruth~

Destiny Jane said...

No, no, no. no!!!

Anonymous said...

The first pic looks like Abigail but not sure on the second. to me you really captured Abigail.

Aaron Sleadd said...

Why, it's Colleen!

Destiny Jane said...

I cant believe that you haven't guessed it yet!
Devin said who it was right at first and I hadn't even told him!!!

Man, I must not be a very good artist:( No one can see that it is ??? ... Well, keep guessing.

Okay, should I give you another clue? Lets see, she is past the age of 18.


Liisa said...

Hi Destiny,
Is it Christina? The first one looks like Abigail. See ya,

Karissa Anderson said...

Oops, that was me, Karissa

The Sisterhood said...

It's Abigail and Christina... I knew it even before I looked at the comments! Good drawings Destiny!


Ginger said...

The one of Abilgail is very well drawn. Keep up the artwork are quite talented.