Friday, August 31, 2007

Pics of my Mom and Dad when they were younger...

The perfect couple!!! She is so beautiful!
Abigail could not believe that this was mom, she kept saying that it was Mercy
It looks to me like she was loosing her teeth... haha:)
Wasn't she pretty!!!
She loved to wear old fashion looking dresses
She loved Ballet
Look how cute he was!!!
Wow, that is one big fish!
Isn't he cute:)
My dad and Uncle Troy
They were best friends... actually that's how my dad met my mom because he new Troy first and then he met her:) Ha, pretty cool:D

My dad is the one in the middle.
The other two are his brothers (my uncles).
Here is some pictures of my Mom and Dad in there younger years. They were definitely made for each other. I love them both sooooooooooooo much!!! They are the best parents ever:)
Love ya Mom and Dad,
Which one do you think I look more like???


Kenny's Favorite Nephew said...

haha i really like the pics

John said...

Where did you get all those old pictures? That was fun. Ginger can remember your mom back then, and I knew her when she was about 5th grade.

Ginger said...

I remember each one of those stages of their lives. What good pictures...brings back some fun memories of Jodi and your dad. Hey...I should post some old ones I have "Grin". May be I will.

Love Aunt Ginger

Destiny Jane said...

Thank you for your little comment:) Haha:D

Uncle John:
I just took pictures of old pictures we had. They turned out pretty clear:)

You should post some old pictures, that would be so cool:)


Karissa Anderson said...

White Rabbit!!!!
Got you first,
Those are some neat pics.

Destiny Jane said...

Karissa, you little stinker!!! I totally forgot...