Saturday, September 1, 2007

Old pictures...

Me when I was a wee little thing Brother and sister, so small yet so close.... now what is that supposed to mean? Heehee:D This is the grand kids, funny to think that 13 years later there is 29 grand kids Me
Me again
David, isn't he adorable
Mom with her 2 kids Dad with his 2 kids The 2 kids together, how sweet:)David loved to throw me in the back and ride around... haha;D
Me, Grandpa Great and Jennifer (My 2nd cousin)
Me and Alex (my cousin)
David at his b-day party, and no, not the one he just had 5 days ago...
Grandpa Ken and me
Somebodies in trouble, "What did I do?"
My coat looks just like the one that Abigail got, actually Abigail's looks like my coat (I am older).
How cute!
Mother and Daughter Here is a picture of me saying, "Oh No." I told you I did that, and I wasn't lying:) 2nd cousins and cousins... I don't know:) I had a lot of Fun times but there also was bad... Here is 2 pictures of me with a black eye It really is BLACK!Me just being cute, JK:P
Our Family a bit bigger

I loved to dress up, come to think of it, I still do:)

This is my Dads family, he was in a family of 8 kids too

We liked to match

Dad and me making a birdhouse

Well, here is some old pictures. I hope you enjoyed them! Okay, I need to go now, talk to ya later.


What do you think of them, were we cute or what??? Hahaheehee:D


Devin said...

I love all of those pics.

Disciple Micheal said...

Those pictures are awesome. Ya'll looked so cute as little kids.

Destiny Jane said...

We definitely were little:)

Kaila Anderson said...

I think all the cute ones are with me in it :) JK

I can't believe how much that one of David in the suite looks like Johnathan -so adorable...what happened? :)

Ruth Owen said...

those are cute I really like the one of you in the chair. Well laterz. ~Ruth~

Ginger said...

Yep...all of you were really cute then and are still really cute NOW! Love looking at your pictures going down memorary lane! Love Aunt Ginger

Anonymous said...

Those are some great pics destiny. You are sure cute and david. You sure were little too. I love your blog. You are such a awesome sister. Well got to go eat breakfest. Bye. :)