Monday, June 25, 2007

My Weekend

Hiya everyone!!!! Is everyone doing good? Good:)
I just wanted to tell you a bit about the weekend. Well, on Friday I gave my speech, as you all might know. Surprisingly, I didn't mess up, heehee:) Then on Saturday there was an all day training, 8:00a.m to 4:00p.m. They had a silent auction for medically ill children that we support with glyconutrients. We raised something around $1000 to $2000 thousand. Isn't that awesome!!! That night we got to bed pretty late. So when we woke up at 6:45a.m we were very tired. The reason we woke up so early was because we had to get to the Jet Boats (Hell Gate) in Grants Pass at 9:00a.m, and with 8 kids it takes awhile to get ready.

Anyway, we had a great time. If you have never been on Hell Gate Jet Boats, you HAVE to GO!!! (Look on Kaila's blog for the pics).

After that we went to play Ultimate Frisbee at the park, we had a great time. The Emmons, Scotts and Sleadds were there.

Now about today... We went out to eat with our Great Uncle who came up from Arizona. Then we went and played tennis. Fun, fun, fun!!! Well, I should get going now... Good bye for now and God bless:)


Kaila Anderson said...

We actiually raised around $8000!!!!

Destiny Kruse said...

Really, wow!!!