Thursday, June 21, 2007

Southern Oregon Super Regional Summerfest!

When: 22nd of June- Start Time: 7:00 PM


Our Guest Speakers:
Dr Steve Nugent: Expert in Dietery Supplements
James Johnson: Pro-Wrestler

GUESTS ARE FREE (Please be my guest!!!)

This is why I have been soooooooo busy this week. I am going to give my speech, and the only way you will find out what it really is, is if you come. Please come, if you do come just walk right up to me and tell me you saw me off my blog and wanted to come, I would be delighted. (I'll probably have a name tag on). Its going to be a lot of fun!!!!!!!! Ok, got to go now. I hope to see ya all there.


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The Sisterhood said...

I wish we could come, Destiny, but we have something at our church tonight. I hope your speech goes really well.