Friday, May 13, 2011

Be on FIRE for God...ALWAYS!

I went to a Disciple, Kutless, and Newsboys concert last night. It had bright lights. Loud music. And lots, and lots of people!

It's crazy to think that so many people were there.. so many Christians that I had never met (in just the small town of Medford Oregon)...they were raising their hands, shouting out loud, and jumping for joy! And because they were having fun, and praising our Lord!!! It's an amazing experience to surrounded by people who LOVE God! I tell you, I had a great time! God is good!

After the concert... everyone left. I don't know where to. But if they were like me, they just went back to their "normal life". The fun was over... the concert was done. Time go to home.

But as I sat at home, thinking about how awesome the concert was, and what a neat experience it was.. it got me thinking, how many of those people (including myself) were "real"? And how many of them, were just "in the moment"? All to often we as Christians in this modern culture, go about how lives, trying to "fit in" with everyone else... and then concerts like that role around, we all get excited (because it's "the thing to do")... but then we wake up the next morning, and act like nothing happened.

And sure, maybe "nothing did happen"... but, when I see people worshiping God (like I did last night) it makes me wonder: Why aren't people praising the almighty God like this every week at church? Is it because we're embarrassed? Don't want people to think we're weird?? Why is there any difference...

Don't get me wrong... I'm not saying that just because people don't lift there hands up, or shout for the Lord, that they aren't a Christian or aren't living for Christ! That is NOT what I'm saying. I was just thinking, why wouldn't we WANT to?? I mean, David in the bible danced naked in the street for God!!... yea sure, that's a bit extreme, but I think you get my point.

Lets give God the praise and glory He deserves! Lets give Him everything that we have!! Don't be a lukewarm Christian and just get fired up over concerts(etc.) and then live life as though Christ is just "apart" of your life. He should be ALL you're living for!! God is MIGHTY. He is ALL-POWERFUL. He is AMAZING!! We were created to glorify and ENJOY him forever! So get excited for God every week... EVERY DAY!! Live to praise Him... ALWAYS!

Be on FIRE for God! :)


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Australia said...

Well put. Great post! I've often pondered this exact thing. God bless!