Monday, January 31, 2011

Clarion 2011

Aaron, Ellie, Me, Paul and Emma :)
Goofin around outside! ahh... fun times! :)
Doing my DI :)
Devin performing his HI!
My two little sister :) :) Emma and Katie! Love you two ♥
haha. This picture sorta explains itself ;P
My amazing brother/duo-partner David and I!
Omgosh I love these girls! ♥

The AGK clan! ♥
Karissa, (Ben), and I ;P
Funny faces! O.o. :P
Another picture of us cousins... :D
Trev, Kris and Caitlin :)
Esther and Cassie! And Ben... he's the "Creeper" in the background ;P lol.

A combination of smiles and funny faces... yeah. We're cool like that. :P Haha. Miss these kids :)

Wow, hard to believe that we just finished our 5th Clarion tournament! I still remember the first one like it was yesterday. So many fun memories!

I had an absolute blast at this last one though. Every year it just gets better and better.... other than the fact that graduated competitors don't come (that's always a downside :P).

I was amazed again during this tournament at the goodness of God and the love that He showed toward us and all the other competitors! There's nothing like worshiping our Lord every morning with a ton of young teens, or being surrounded by Christian's of all ages, or watching speeches that glorify God...! :) Ahh, I love tournaments. I love God! :)

Now, I'm not sure if any of you really care to know..... but here are the results from our family during the tournament.

Dramatic: Emma got 1st!!!!!!!!! Ahh, I'm sooo proud of her! She deserved it :) And then I placed 4th. :)
Duo: Devin and Emma broke to semi finals and placed 9th (only one slot away from making it to finals). David and I were blessed to receive 2nd place with our duo. :)
Humorous: Devin placed 3rd! He did awesome :)

So yeah, David, Devin, Emma and I were all able to break in every event we competed in to regionals! And Mercy competed in a duo with our friend Mariah Eddy... this is there first year competing. They both did a fabulous job, they didn't break.... but they did the best they could. I'm so very proud of them :)

Now, I just want to say.... without the strength and grace of the Lord none of us would have done well! To Him be the glory! As you know, we Kruses like to put off our practicing till the "last minute" as we have done every other year...and, that's what we did that this year too. (surprise, surprise I know ;P) haha. With only having about a week to really perfect our speeches, we didn't know what to expect.... but God was with us the whole time. He was there when our minds went blank a couple times, or we weren't sure which way to turn... etc., He alone was the one who helped us during those times. Thank you Jesus! :)

So over all it was a fabulous tournament! I was truly blessed to be able to attend it! I already miss all the people I had to say goodbye to though :(... and probably won't see some of them for another month or so. But soon... soon! =)

Anyhow, I think I shall bring this post to an end. Have a blessed week! And I'll try and post again soon :)

-Destiny ♥

(Btw, the pictures were taken by Caitlin Quaid, Kaila Anderson, and Karissa Anderson :D)

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