Saturday, January 15, 2011


Hey everyone! Sorry about not posting.... :P I always tell myself I'm gonna post "every day" and then I go on not posting at all for like.... a whole month or more! Ahhh. I'm sorry.

I just thought I'd write a post now about last year to just sum up my 2010! On facebook they had this app where I can create a picture that has a ton of different individual pictures put into one from 2010.
This is what mine looked like-

I have so many memories in this past year.... it's amazing how fast it went by though. Just like the blink of an eye it seems like it was last year.

Speech seemed to take up the first 6 months of last year. We had a tournament at the end of January (Medford OR), went to another tourney in March (Idaho), then Regionals was in April, I think (Seattle).. and then last but definitely not least, Nationals was in June (Virginia). I met so many amazing people!! I'm excited about seeing some of them again this year... I'm so thankful that I've been apart of speech these past... what.... 5 years? It's crazy! Anyway, it's been a lot of fun and I'm looking forward to this years season!

Near the end of June my siblings (David, Devin, Emma and Mercy) were all in a musical "The Wizard of Oz"... it was awesome! I was able to work backstage and help with make-up. It was a really neat experience for all of us.

In July Emma and I decided to take a challenge a friend put out and read the bible in one month. It was a lot of reading a day... but we finished it in one month! I learned a lot and am sooo grateful I did it! :)

Through the rest of the summer we had fun just hanging out with family, friends, and soaking up the sun! Fall was beautiful and speech club started up again in September (I think :-/). We started school... Emma and I have been doing a school-co-op thing with our friends the Sleadd's and that's been good. Keeping us accountable and on track, and learning a lot!

In November we had a great Thanksgiving! It was such a blessing to be able to see our grandparents again after they had been gone for the past 6 months.. and celebrate it with them! Along with our other extended family on my moms side :)

The Lighthouse speech club in Medford put on a Masquerade ball in the middle of December which we were all invited too! It was a lot of fun!! I'm so glad I was able to go :)

Christmas was wonderful too! Celebrated it with with family.... it was just a blast! I love my family soooo much! And New years was awesome as well!

God has been good. I thank Him for such a great year and praise Him for keeping me and my family and friends all in His arms and protecting and loving us! :)

I pray that this year I will grow even more
in the Lord and seek to serve and glorify Him in ALL I do! :)


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