Friday, February 19, 2010

Great Book-

So for this blog (One in the Bond) I wrote this "summary" and "what it means to me" about this book. It's a really good book, and I think every one should read it. =)


This book challenges teenagers and young adults all around the world to pursue a life completely devoted to Jesus Christ! It lays the foundations of how you can have a lifelong romance. Ultimately, it shows how we need to have a strong and passionate relationship with our Savior. How He should be the love of our life and fulfill all our desires before we should enter into any other relationship. It also shows how beautiful your love story can be when He, the Author of romance, scripts every detail.

What it Meant to Me:

After reading this book, I longed to have a stronger and deeper relationship with my Savior! It helped me in the way I act towards guys, and how I treat them. It also reminded me of why I want to stay pure in every way I can, and wait for my prince. God is in control, and he is the author of my love story, so no matter what I don’t need to worry about it. He will bring my future spouse in His perfect timing and until then I need to trust Him and see Him as the love of my life!


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Truth said...

im going to read this book