Friday, February 19, 2010

Awkward... :P

The other day I was in the grocery store getting some random stuff we needed. As I strolled down the different isles I noticed a lady who kept passing me and looking at me in a strange way. Finally I went up and asked her if there was something wrong. She told me that I looked just like her daughter that had died just last year. She said to see me made her feel as if her daughter were right there with her. I asked if there was anything that she needed, or if I could do anything for her. She simply asked me to call her "Mom" as we said goodbye.

So as we parted I said "Goodbye Mom".

About 10 min. passed by and I headed to the cash register. There the lady was. I got in line behind her, feeling a little awkward after what had happened. She looked at me and smiled as she left the building, I smiled back. I stepped up to the cash register to pay, only having a couple items. The cashier said; "$45.95".. I looked at him wondering how it could have been that much. "Sir, I only have a couple items are you sure that's how much it is?" He responded saying; "Oh, the lady in front of you said that she was your mother, and that you were going to pay for her stuff."

Without saying anything else I ran out the door and caught sight of the lady just getting into her car. I ran up to the car and opened the front door "You can't do that!" She tried to shut the car but I started pulling her leg........ just like I'm pulling yours.



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Truth said...

omg u totally got me! i felt like i was reading a book lol