Tuesday, January 12, 2010

To all you "speechers" =)

You know what I like about memorizing?

You get to talk to yourself. A lot. And to the dog.

I'm sitting in my room, with my laptop open, trying to memorize my persuasive... and I've given my speech like 5 times to the dog. He just looks at me weird. He probably thinks I'm an idiot. Which is true... but hey! Gotta do what you gotta do! right? :P

I also like the fact that it's just me in the room.. but there's so much talking! Kinda weird. Every time I give my speech I'm all "oh that's so true..." haha! But yeah. I learn a lot from myself. Which sounds kinda weird. And vain. But it wasn't intentional! I promise! My fingers are the ones typing.. you can be mad at them! :-)

Oh the joys of memorizing eh? :-)

Haha! Okay... well that's my little tid-bit for the day! What do you guys like about memorizing?

Over and out,

P.S. I just had to post that picture! It's so pretty... totally random though :D


Gray (formerly Bracie) said...

Yikes! Gotta memorize my speeches for the Silversmith qualie... which is next week...

hee. hee.

I obviously shouldn't be online right now. *sigh*


Gray (formerly Bracie) said...


What's the topic of your persuasive?