Friday, January 15, 2010

I must be in the "Talking Mood"

Here I sit.

Thinking of what to say on this blog.

I just watched the movie "Julie and Julia" and was fascinated by the way she wrote, and what she wrote about on her blog. I like that kind of writing. It's pretty cool. And it was a neat movie! I liked it. A lot! You should see it, if you haven't already :-)

Anyway. It's been an interesting week. I've been consumed by speech again this January... as usual. No surprise I know? :)

I ordered a book on Monday, "Though None Go With Me" so I could do it as a DI (Dramatic Interp), and got it in on Wednesday. The funny thing is, I accidentally ordered it twice... so I got two books, :P which kinda stinks, but yeah. Do any of you know if amozon does "returns"? Or would any of you be interested in buying the book "Though None Go With Me"? It's a really good one! :D

It was quite hard to cut though. I mean to get it all into one script, only 10 min long. Gosh! not easy! And basically, I didn't get the whole story. Only one tiny, little, section of it. Which is sad. Because it's all such a good book! But... I tried. It's sad anyway. Makes me cry with I act it out.. ;) (which of course is the idea). We'll just have to wait and see how well the judges like it :-)

I can't believe it's already 2 weeks till the tournament. It seems like no matter what I do. I always put things off till the last minute. To tell you the truth though, I do sorta work better under pressure. I mean, not to say that we shouldn't think ahead, and plan ahead (which is something I should do more!). But at least I don't completely "freak" out under pressure. :-)

I have to still: Memorize my Duo, and block it. Memorize my Dramatic. And finish Memorizing my Persuasive.

These up-coming weeks should be fun. And busy. Not as bad as last year though. It makes me laugh to think that I actually didn't even finish my boards for my expos till the night before the tournament. And had only practiced the speech like 5 times before I gave it at a tournament. Gee.. crazy! :P

But yeah. I'm doing a little better this year. :D

We get to host someone this year for the tournament! I'm happy about that. We've never done it before. It should be fun! And the guy the who's staying with us is a good friend! So that's cool =)

Well my fingers all of a sudden just got really cold. It must be a sign that I've been typing to long, and this post is going to be boring (and longgg). So I'll stop talking... so whoever might be reading this (if anyone is) won't fall asleep. :P

I hope you all have a great evening! Sorry if this was a boring post, and I just wasted your time. Not intentional, I promise!

Ok ok, this post is ending now..... :)

-Destiny ♥

[note: I felt like posting a picture. So I did. And I chose this one, cause it's purdy! God is the most amazing Artist! =)]


Hosanna said...

:) enjoyed the little peek into your life!!!! :D

AJ Strom said...

Ya, amazon does returns, just contact them and they'll give you a label to put on it to send it back... :) i didn't fall asleep lol :D

Destiny said...

Oh good! I'll have to do that! Thanks AJ! :)