Thursday, March 19, 2009

Lots and lots of Pictures! :D

Speech Club...
There's nothing like hangin out at good ol' speech club and taking pictures.. here are some from this last Tuesday! we had a lot of fun there! :-)

The famous [or in my opinion, "ugly"] shoes... :-)

The Club!

Karissa, Me and Stephanie

Alexaaaaaa.... :D

Stephanie and Karissa

The Musical...

My family and most of our cousins, all went to a Muscial that some of our friends were in! It was really neat and inspired us all to make/be in a musical!

The Group!
Aww... now who wouldn't love Tami??? lol :D

"The Guys"... haha :D Jonathan, David and Alex

Natalie's Birthday....
We surprised Natalie and took her out for her birthday for Ice Cream and food.. it was a lot of fun!
We're trying to decide which ice cream to get... :)

Alexa.. deep in thought! :D

So Cute!! lol :D But.. Stephanie's not in it.. :(

Natalie and Kaila!

"I love it!"

In the car.. while Kaila was "driving".. scary!! haha... :D

Here are pictures from Speech Club, a Musical we went to, and from Natalie's birthday! Happy birthday Natalie, we love you!! I also want to say, Happy Birthday to Kolten, my wonderful cousin as well! I hope you both have had a great day!

Blessings to all,


Kaila Anderson said...

great times...we have the best friends in the whole wide world!!!!!

BitterSweet said...

I agree those shoes are sooo ugly! I've always hated those.

Stephanie said...

Wow, the sun makes me look so scary in the last pic! Lots of sun and wind. ;)

That day was sooo fun.. Neat pictures!

TJS said...

Hey Destiny,
Nice pictures! Could I have some of (or all of :D) your speech club pictures, for my possible video about Clarion Forensics?
If you could put them on a CD for me that would be great!