Monday, March 16, 2009

Friends Forever

Here is a slideshow that I made of Karissa and I. We have soooo many pictures together.. so I thought I'd put some of them (belive me, this is only "some" of them :P) in this slideshow. I hope you all like it!



John said...

Yep, you two have been together for a long time. It's great to have a best friend all this time. Love yop both.

David Kruse said...

wow. You both are older now. It's interesting to look at the old pictures. Glad you're still friends. :)


The Goldman Family said...

Thank you Des - what beautiful pictures and memories of both of you. I am glad you are still posting on your blog too. I love you two together. You will be friends forever and also in God's Kingdom. Love you and see you soon. Grandma Dot

Ginger said...

That was fun watching the two of you grow up before our eyes. Loved all the pictures. I think it would have been fun to have the last picture be of you two holding hands with your backs to us walking down a road; symbolizing your continued walk through life together still going forward. What do you think? Love you Aunt Ginger

BitterSweet said...

AWW! I LOVE that! It was sooo sweet/cute! And I don't even actually know yall! Haha! But it was a great video.

Dottie, Grandma Dot or Mom said...

Des, I hope you realized that was me talking under the Goldman Family comment. I was on Tami's account by mistake when we were in Dallas. Love you, Grandma Dot