Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Tournament Results

Alright, so I told y'all I would post the results of the tourney... and, I will not break my word. But, I also told you all that I would post some pictures of the tourney too.. but, I don't really have any, except this one of our entire club. [so, if you really want to see  more pics, click here]

Okay, so here are the results of all my family and my cousins-

  • Kaila: 4th Apologetics, and she broke to semi's in Impromptu
  • Karissa: 4th in Expository
  • David: 6th in Duo [with Emma]
  • Alex: 3rd in OI, and 4th in Duo [with Collin]
  • Destiny: 2nd in DI, 4th in OI, 6th in Expository, and 1st in Duo [with Devin]
  • Collin: 4th in Duo [with Alex]
  • Devin: 1st in HI, 4th in Sweepstakes, and 1st in Duo [with Destiny]
  • Emma: 7th in OI, and 6th in Duo [with David]
In all, it was an awesome tournament! Everyone did really good! If you'd like to see the results from the entire tournament, click here.

Alrighty, I guess I'll wrap this post up... =)



Ginger said...

Awesome resuolts!! You guys are so talented. Can't wait to hear you perform a few of them when we come to visit again this year. Love. Aunt Ginger

John said...

Congrats on your 1st place. Wow, what a lot of people in your club. You guys must have done REALLY good to win. Did anyone tape anything?