Tuesday, November 4, 2008

A Little Model-


Here are a few picture of my beautiful little sister Abigail! I dressed her up and put make-up on her. It sure was so very fun! 

Don't you agree with me that she could become a little girl model? :) 

Please tell me which picture(s) you like best!



Harmony said...

I vote for pictures #1 and #3. Though all are very lovely! I especially love that dress! Does it come in my size? Lol just wondered.

John said...

To me #1 and #4 were very cute.

Taylor Wells said...

Numbers 3 and 6 are so cute! lovely child.

The Goldman Family said...

#1 for me...though I can't say any of them are not as cute as can be!!! Pretty little girl. She looked different today at school with that leftover makeup on her eyes and fancy curled hair.
Love ya

S. Nicole said...

I like #6 best. She is cute!

Grandma of Many said...

Mine were 1 and 3 although they were all great. 2 looks like Mercy which is great. She sure is cute and you took wonderful pictures. Thanks for the post Des, Grandma Dot

Vickie said...

I think they are all cute because Abigail is one beautiful girl...

Ginger said...

#4 is my favorite and then #1. She is beautiful in all of them!!!!! Love Aunt Ginger

Ted said...

whoa, cute sister.

By the way, I posted again. And I'm looking for a picture of my family, honest! ;)