Sunday, October 26, 2008

Happy Anniversary Dad and Mom!!!

17 years ago two people met... and the rest became history! Happy Anniversary Dad and Mom!

I am so blessed to have parents like them. I can't imagine life without them! My parents have been through thick and thin and through all these years have still kept their marriage together and never brought up the "D" word. What a huge example they have been in my life, and in the lives of others. They have showed me how a marriage should look and how I would want to have my marriage look if I get married. 

They have trained us kids up to be on fire for the Lord. They have brought us up knowing that we can always run to Christ if we are in trouble and that He is the King of kings and Lord of Lords. Their love for the Lord and the advancement of His kingdom has shined so bright in this dark and fallen world. I know that when God placed them together He did it because He saw their work in ministry would be stronger together than apart.  

I love you both so very, very much! Thank you for always being there to talk to, and never pushing away but pressing in! I love it that I can come to you concerning anything! I hope that you have a wonderful day!

With love from your daughter,

[btw, if you want to know the story behind the picture, here it is: My mom and dad were driving somewhere, I'm not sure where (this is before they were married) and spotted a house on fire. My dad immediately pulled over and got a hose to attempt to put it out. Then they called the police and the firemen came and put it all the way out. In the end this picture was put in the newspaper along with a little story about my brave and courageous parents! Oh, and don't you think my Dads cute and my Moms gorgeous!?!? :o)]


Vickie said...

Happy Anniversary Jodi and Hugh...

The Goldman Family said...

Ahhh, I love you Destiny!
I agree with you....your mom and dad (my sis and brother-in-law) are a God-ordained couple from The Father! Life without them would be "The Pits"!!!! We all love them much! Happy Anniversary to Hugh and Jodi (my best sis-friend)! Congrats on 17 years!!!!! AWESOME!!!!!
Love ya

The Goldman Family said...

P.S. Can I do that in the blog world??? P.S????

Almost should tell the story behind the picture you posted of your mom and dad! What a great story there!!! Before everything! Life before the 'Hugh Kruse' family were here! Oh, the beginning, 17 years ago! So sweet! A hero, an onlooker, a big fire, a's great!
Love ya
Aunt Tami.....again!!!
"I am you biggest fan!"

Grandma of Many said...

Thanks for the post Destiny. I was traveling home on an airplane yesterday and didn't even realize it was the 26th of October. Happy Anniversary to Hugh and Jodi and Kenny and Liisa. That was some double wedding 17 years ago. Thanks for the picture and your comments. Love you, Grandma Dot

S. Nicole said...

Happy Anniversary!

Wow, neat story!

Jodi Kruse said...

Thank you, Destiny. You blessed me beyond words. Your dad and I are overwhelmed at God's goodness towards us in giving us such an incredible God-fearing, God-loving, and Kingdom-seeking family and a strong covenantal marriage. You children are what we prayed and hoped for and we give God all the glory. Your dad is my best friend and has never let me down in making life fun, adventurous, new, and centered around Christ. I look forward to enjoying more children, grandchildren, and great grandchildren while growing old with your dad full of zest for life, ministry to God's people, and complete satisfaction in our God until the day we die.

I love you,

syd said...

Yes...they do look "cute" and "gorgeous!" ;-) Happy anniversary Mr. and Mrs. Kruse from SoCal!


Ginger said...

Happy anniversary to your wonderful parents Destiny! Great post as always.