Sunday, April 20, 2008

God is good!

The tourney went awesome! God blessed me soooo much! Devin and I broke to semi finals in our Duo and I placed 7th in my DI! It was really fun!

Today we went to the Seattle aquarium with the Sleadds, then went on a little cruise ship. We also walked around the Seattle market! To top that off we got to carpool to Portland with the Sleadds! Right now we are in Portland and are about to watch a movie! It's been fun!

K, I'll post pictures later and go into more detail about the tournament once I get home!

Talk soon:o)



Aaron Sleadd said...

That was a ton of fun! The walk around Seattle was really interesting! Tell Grandma Dottie we say thank you for letting us carpool!

Do you guys still have Mr. Bean's Holiday? Do you think you could bring that to speech? Thank you!

See you tomorrow!

~Destiny Jane~ said...

Oh.. yes, we still have that movie:) I'd be happy to bring it to speech tomorrow night for you!

This last week sure had been fun!


Tássya said...

Hi! My name´s Tássya, I´m brazilian and I´m Christian too. Somehow I found your blog, and I´m so glad you´re a christian girl! It´s awesome to see how christians behave in other cultures. I´ll come here everytime.
I know all these places you went from movies, books and tv shows. I love the american culture...
By the way, I know Portland from a christian serie of books: Sierra Jensen. You probably know this and the Christy Miller´s Serie. I just love them!
Well, I´ll go now. In Brazil, when we (the christians) are leaving, we use to say "stay with God." or "God be with you". I don´t know exactly how to translate it.
So, stay with God.

Mary said...

Hey Destiny!!
I'm SOOO excited for you with your at-large slot for nationals. :) Whoooopie !
Hope you are doing well lovely girl. Btw, I love your blog!