Saturday, April 5, 2008

Broken Chains

~Broken Chains~
-By Destiny Kruse-

Once upon time, in land far, far away. In world that was not apart of our world, but was another world, with different creators and talking animals, and whose lord and ruler was a mighty lion named Aslan, there was a young prince. He did not look like the people in our world, but rather was much taller then most young men and had the biggest blue eyes that you could ever imagine. His name was Aden and he was 12 years old. He was the descendent from Rillian, the son of Caspian the 10th. In Aden day’s there was peace, not like when his father was young, and when there was children that came from another world, and a wicked green lady who tried to take over the world. But… it was in peace. Although, this is what the Narnia’s thought.

One afternoon Aden was playing outside in the warmth and heat of the sun, with nurse (or in our world we would call, his nanny) was finding great fun in tossing a ball up and down in the garden. Suddenly, his nurse yelled in a loud and trembling voice, “Aden, run for your life, hide, they are going to catch you and-” then she immediately stopped in the middle of her sentence, her face turned almost white. Aden was filled with fright and when he turned around to run, facing him was a huge and dreadfully frightening man standing before him, in fact, a Calormen man.

The next thing that happened I cannot quite describe, it happened so quickly that you could hardly realize what was going on. I still can hardly grasp it, but I do know that the Calormen man had taken Aden and had disappeared out of sight into the dark forest without a sound except for the shrieks of the young frighten prince.

“What.. whe-where am I?…” was the words of Aden as he awoke in a small, stuffy and crowded little hut. He was so confused, so frightened, and so innocent of what was going on. He then heard someone with a low, and frightening voice say, “Be quite boy, and go back to sleep.” “Yeah, back to sleep…” another man murmured. Aden turned on his side, a tear rolled down his cheek. He did not understand, why was this happening? ‘Why’, he kept asking himself. Why?

Back in Narnia the people were all in an uproar. Everybody, the humans, talking Animals, dryads and Niads had all heard of the young prince ‘Aden’ being kidnapped by the Calormenes. Yet, they did not understand (just as Aden didn’t) why they had kidnapped him. They seemed to think that they were at peace with the Calormenes and that there was no strife between them anymore (as there had been in the time of the 4 rulers of Care-Paravel). And yet, the Calormenes had kidnapped the prince, King Rillian’s son.

When Aden awoke the second time he was sure to be very quite… he got up very silently and tiptoed over to peek through the tattered little door. He over heard the two men talking again, they were talking about him. “So, what do we with the boy now?” said one man, who was quite stout and had very long hair in a braid tumbling down his back. “Well… now that we have told his father that we have the boy, and ain’t goin to give him back unless he hands over the crown of Narnia to us-” At that moment Aden gasped. “Did you hear something?” “Nah, it was just that little cat that keeps on creepin around this part.”
“Ah. Well, as I was saying. I guess we just got to wait for the king to stand up and realize that he doesn‘t get his kid back until he respects the ‘Tisroc’ (may he live forever) and hand over Narnia to us. If he doesn‘t, the boy will die.” Aden quickly covered his mouth and tried not to make a noise. By what Aden could tell, the man had a very nasty, and suspicious look on his face. Aden didn’t know what to do. His whole mind was spinning round, and round. Then one of the men exclaimed, “Shouldn’t we bound the boy up, so he doesn’t escape?” “Yea, if he get’s away the Tisroc (may he live forever) will have us on a platter served to dogs in an instant.” Upon hearing this, Aden ran back to the little uncomfortable bed and pretended to be asleep. Finally, he whimpered to himself in a very timid voice; “Aslan, help, please help.”

King Rillian was so confused about what do to. He loved, and would do anything for his son, but how could he give over Narnia to the nasty and dreadful people of Calormen. Suddenly, just like his son, he realized that he was on Asland side, and the fear that was in in him quickly turned into courage and perseverance. He would not give up this war just yet!

The Calormens had bound Aden and put chains around his feet and hands and placed him in deep and dark dungeon that was as silent as a grave. If you were to see it, you would feel as bad as Aden did when he first saw it. Aden was scared, scared that he might not ever see the sun, or stars again, or feel the wind blowing across his face, or swim in the little steam that was near the castle, or go horse back riding in the beautiful lushes fields. He only knew, that he was a prisoner.

When Aden’s eyes opened, he saw a bright light, it was almost like when you try and look at the sun. He didn’t know if he was dreaming, or just going crazy. Then, the face that he had longed, and hoped to see for all his life, was there, in that light. It was Aslan, the great and mighty lion, the emperor over the seas. The ruler of all Narnia. Then, all Aden knew was that his chains were broken and the dungeons door was flung open. All the guard were asleep, and it was his moment to escape. Aslan has rescued him.

“Climb onto my back, I will take you back to were you belong, in Narnia.” Said the great and mighty voice of the lion. Aden did as he said, never for a moment thinking to question the lion. “Now, prepare yourself, we have a long ways to go.” And with that Aslan made a loud and dreadful roar and then disappeared into the mist of the night.

The next morning the two Calormen men (whose names by the way were Hilton and Kismo) were in complete chaos. The Tisroc’s plan was ruined and it was their fault. In the end they got what they deserved. They were beaten and then put to work as slaves. But as for Aden, he was rejoined with his father Rillian, and grew to be a very wise and mighty King of Narnia. But as for Aslan, nobody really knows. He just disappeared again and returned when he was needed again. And so ends this story of Prince Aden, but there are many, many more adventures that he had in his day, I have only just told you one.

We had to do this for Omnibus, hope you like it:D (If you know the Narnian books this story would be right after the Silver Chair)


Kaleb said...

Wow long post! I should sit down and read it when i have time on my hands. lol.

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Aaron Sleadd said...

Good story! I like how you wrote it similar to Lewis's style.

We had so much fun last night at your uncle's party! It was great seeing you all and getting to know your relatives better. They're all really friendly and fun-loving... especially your Grandma. I love her laugh! Haha!

Professer Sledvinsky's spelling lesson: It's Aslan, deserved, and climb. ;D

~Destiny Jane~ said...

Okay Kaleb, I'll check it out! I'm so happy she got a blog!!! Oh, and this post is pretty long... I doubt anyone will read it:D

Oh and Aaron, thanks for the spelling lesson;)
The party was lots of fun! Your dad sang so good! And so did you and Alexa!
And thanks for reading the story, I wonder if anyone else will... :o)