Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Today is my little brother Jared's 7th birthday! He is such a wonderful brother and I am so blessed to call him my little bro. He deffenitly has a good additude all the time and you usually never can find him without a smile on his face. He has the cutest and most adorable big blue eyes. He is (in my opinion) the cutest kid his age and is sure going to be a nock out when he gets older, the girls will be chasing him everywere... haha! ;0) I love him so much and praise God for him and pray that he will grow up to advance Gods kingdom on earth. I made this little slide show of him and hope you all like it. Oh, and if you could leave a comment wishing him a happy birthday that would be awesome! God bless you all!


The Goldman Family said...

Wonderful slide show Destiny...OK you know it....I cried! This is crazy I am so much like Grandma Dot (though I love it)! The tears always come when I see you kids (my nieces and nephews) do stuff. I love you all so much! God has really blessed us with a great family! He is using you all to glorify Him in so many ways. Just your love for your younger brother shows Him, and His love. Thanks Destiny.
See you tonight at speech....and you get to do your speech for everyone AWESOME!

Vickie said...

That was a mighty great tribute to your brother Jared on his Birthday. He is a knock out kid and such a well behaved young man. I sure do love him. Happy Birthday Jared!!!!