Monday, January 21, 2008

Pictures from the Tourney!!!

The Clarion Forensics Speech Club

1st in DI, 2nd in DUO, 2nd in Persuasive and 3rd in sweepstakes

Stephanie and Alexa
Devin and Will
Clarine (I'm not really sure how you spell her name)
After everyone left
Ted, who won 1st place in Team Policy with his partner Chris, they did good... even though I didn't have a clue what they were talking about... sorry guys:0)

The cousins, although Devin didn't get in the picture... bummers!
Grayson (I'm really not sure how you spell his name)
Talking outside
Me after being shocked....
People that placed in Duo's
My fantastic partner and I
Impromptu people
The band
Waiting for awards... I love this picture... but I don't know why... I just think it looks cool.. how about you?
Karissa and Kolten placed in Expos
All the Expos people that placed
While we were waiting for the awards we sang happy birthday to the people who's birthdays were coming up or had just happened...
Emma and Ruth
Okay, this picture is really strange, I know.... they both look really weird in this pic... it just didn't turn out how it should have.... haha... I'm still cracking up about it... oh boy.... these boys are too funny!
Grayson, Taylor and Ted....
Tait and Dylan
Cale, with Teds glasses on.... we were all putting them on...
Waiting.... and waiting.... and waiting... and more waiting... and waiting... and waiting.... anyway, I took pics while we were waiting... and waiting.... heehee.... I know, I'm really weirds:0)
Ted, doing his sign... we played a sign game.... it was really fun! I'll tell you about it at the bottom of the post:0)
Beautiful Kaila
Getting ready to leave for the tourney....
Alexa and and, well... you know who...
Alexa's name tag

Devin, the most amazing, outstanding, incredible, first rate, fantastic, unbelievable, too good to be true, and did I mention good looking, DUO partner ever!!!!!
Alex doing what he does best, playing an instrument!
Alexa looking at pics
Ruth's watch
Ruth and Alexa
This is a really weird person that was at the tourney.... poor girls... :P.... But I'd have to say, she has a pretty cool laptop... heehee.... :0)
There she is again... Haha!
Alexa taking a picture while I'm doing her hair.... (I did her hair like 3 times before she liked it... oh boy!)
Tess being cute, as always!
Aaron and Alexa doing their DUO, oh, and they won 1st place! Good Job guys, you deffenetly deserved it!
Anna in the hall
The cooks making food! And boy was it good!
Anna and Collin playing cards (Nertz)
Boon, he is so adorable, I love his big eyes...
Clarine (I'll say it again, I'm not sure how you spell her name) My little bro Jonathan eating at the tourney, he is sooo cute!
Getting ready to leave for the tourney
They played chess a lot, if you can't tell by all the chess bords (I'm aweful at chess, my little bro Jared beats me all the time and he's only 6, well, he will be 7 in 2 days:) Karissa, the most wonderful best friend in the world!
Here is some, well, a LOT of pictures that I took from the Clarion Forenscis Speech and Debate Tournament that went on this last weekend. (Oh, and pictures are in now praticular way... I just put them on) It was so much fun, I had a complete blast! As you might already know from other blogs, I placed and made it to Reagonals in all the Catogorys I was in. I was sooooooo completly SHOCKED! God sure can surprise people. Devin and I made 2nd place in DUO. I was so excited! Devin did an awesome job and I know if he wasn't my partner we wouldn't have placed. I met a lot of new people at the tourney and built a lot of awesome friendships (and a lot of them have blogs, how cool it that!). We played a whole bunch of differen't games... but I'd have to say that my favorite game was the SIGHN GAME! Those who have never played it have to! A whole bunch of people get in a circle and all have a sighn, my sighn was my hand fanning me. I have a picture of Ted doing his sighn, wich was a heart. Anyway, someone stands in the middle and has to try and guess who has the sign..... if you haven't played you probably have no clue what I'm saying.... sorry I'm so hard to understand.... but, it's a really fun game and I'll have to teach it to you all some time if you haven't played it before. We also played cards a lot. I love cards too! So, as you can tell, (at least I hope you can tell) I had a wonderful time a the tourney and can't wait to go to another one! Well, I hope to see you all soon! Love ya all and God Bless!


Ruth Owen said...

Awesome pictures :o) It was so much fun!! I can't wait till both you and me qualified in everything we entered! awesome! Well I'll cya at speech!

Destiny Jane said...

Hey Ruth, how many things did you enter in?

John said...

WOW. Sounds like you had an awesome meet. Congrats.

Grandma of Many said...

Destiny - thanks for putting the pictures on. I can't wait to see everyone although we are having a wonderful time in Hawaii. I am sure proud of all of you. See you soon. Love you, Grandma Dot

Aaron Sleadd said...

That shore was a fun tournament! Good pictures too! Can't wait till the next one!

See ya later!

Destiny Jane said...

Yea, it SURE was!!! Hahaha....

Alexa Sleadd said...

Hey Des, it's Grayson, not Greyson

Thanks for posting all those pictures!
WOOOHHOOO! I can't wait 'til next tournament!

Vickie said...

Thanks for all the great pics Destiny. I know you all had a great time and I say congrats to all of you.....

Destiny Jane said...

Oh, okay Alexa... I wasn't quite sure how to spell his name:0)

The Goldman Family said...

Great pictures Destiny! God sure has blessed you with acting....gee wonder were you learned that from (your mom is really good at that too) :) Though I know you put in hours and hours of practice and time! I was so proud of all you guys, everyone did so GOOD!!! Love you and Congrats on ALLLLLL your winnings!

Anonymous said...

Its Clairen not Clarine ok

Thanks for the pic Destiny.


Ginger said...

Congrats to all of you who particapted in the tourney. Destiny you did awesome and I know you will do great at Regionals too. I loved seeing all the pictures...they made me feel like I was right there. However, I sure wish I could have seen and heard the speeches. Love you and again congratulations!!!!!!

Destiny Jane said...

Okay Will, I'll change it... I had no clue that you looked at my blog. It was really fun being with you at the tourney!

Kolten Anderson said...

Hey who are you calling weird. That just hurts.