Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Update in my life

Happy Birthday Grandma Dot! (This picture was taken awhile ago, 2005)

Hello guys and gals! So, I just thought I would give you all an update on whats happening in my life. The Troy Anderson family is here, as most of you might already know. It is really fun having them here! Kaleb is doing Omnibus with us this week, I think he likes it. The only thing he didn't like was having to write an essay. Haha:) I have been so busy. The Junior Tournament is this weekend (Saturday) and we are doing worship, two songs... yikes!!! And then Thanksgiving is coming up and we have a talent show every Thanksgiving so I'm getting ready for that. Also I'm trying to help my siblings for the Junior Tournament, and... there is so much stuff going on! Last night we had my Grandma Dot and little cousin Kaylee's birthday party (that was why we weren't at speech if you were wondering). Kaila wrote a little skit that all of us cousins did about Grandma... I think she liked it. It was a fun party! Well, I guess I better go sines I'm so busy... see ya all later:)


The Goldman Family said...

Great picture Destiny! She is the BEST!!!
I am looking forward to you all doing more music, I love it! It's fun sharing my bass with you and Karissa! Well, that is if I remember to bring it..LOL
Love you

Ginger said...

Now that is what I call one busy schedule! Great post Destiny. Love you.