Wednesday, November 14, 2007

The Band...

The Omnibus Band... well, sorta:) Haha...

Kaleb is on guitar and sings, Kaila is on lead guitar, Karissa on base and piano, I'm base and sing, Alex is on fiddle and sings, David David is on lead piano, and that's that. We aren't really a band though, we just like to play together. It's really fun! Anyway, have a nice day and God Bless!



The Goldman Family said...

That is a great looking band! I really like the looks of that bass...WOW! :) You all do really good, and it is a blessing to hear you play and sing praise to Jesus Christ! You will have to come over and record a CD sometime....oh yeah!!
Love ya,

Vickie said...

great group and bet you guys do have fun playing together. love you...

Joshua West said...

wow that sounds like a ton of fun. I will have to come up there to see your next concert. lol, well just keep practicing and I am sure you will make some great music.

Alex and Kaleb said...

These darn kids and their rock music! - aLeX

I totally agree. Their a bunch of punks who need to learn a lesson.

Preach it brother - aLeX

Grandpa says that music is denteretal mental... uh bad for your health.

Uh huh! - aLeX

Why are we using all this space?

What a brilliant observation. I vote we adjourn from commenting.
- aLeX

I second the motion

Motion carried - aLeX

Then farewell all!

Ditto - aLeX

Grandma of Many said...

I don't think I like Alex's and Kaleb's comments. This is a great band that played praises to Jesus and used it to worship in song. You guys were great today playing at the speech tournament. Congratulations to all those who participated.
Grandma Dot

Kenny's Favorite Nephew said...

Sorry Grandma

T blog said...

those darn punks is a good movie. you should rent it alex and kaleb.
it's under the label kungfoo movies and records. it's full of detremental music!

Ginger said...

Would love to have heard the band...and Destiny I bet you sang too! Joshua would be a great addition if he was up there to jam and play with all of you. Send me a copy of your FIRST cd when it is hot off the press.