Sunday, August 5, 2007

My Story of our Family Sabbath Meal...

Last night we had a beautiful dinner. We had candles flickering and every now and then they would be blown out by one little rowdy kiddo. JK:) we had lots of fun!!! We've started this thing were every Saturday night we have a Sabbath meal. Last night was the first time we all made toast's though. I'll tell you every toast and who made that toast starting from oldest to youngest.

Dad/Hugh: To our awesome Lord!!!

Mom/Jodi: To Manna Walk (and there was something else but I don't remember it:( )

Big bro/David: To all our wonderful speech friend and to Mrs. Deems and Tait for there birthday.

Me: To Family

Little bro/Devin: To all the Prophets who did bold thing (and he has some other things too but I don't remember them all)

Little sis/Emma: To Kenny and for the wonderful Sabbath we were having

Little/sis Mercy: I'm really sorry mercy but I don't remember her toast:(

Little bro/Jared: To God

little sis/Abigail: For our many blessings

Little bro/Jonathan: For Dwampa/Grandpa and Dwamas/Grandma's life (That is really what he toasted to and no one told him, funny ((He said Grandma and Grandpa like that, it was soooo funny)):)

Well, that was our toast's. As you can tell we had a blast and cant wait till the next Sabbath meal. I encourage all of you to make a special time with your family and try and have a Sabbath meal to, you definitely wont regret it:) So, this was my story of our family Sabbath MEAL.

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