Sunday, August 5, 2007

The Drawing I did of Mailee Goldman...

Isn't she just... adorable?!?!?! Here is another drawing I did of Mailee. She is to cute!!! I didn't draw the face paint she had on because I didn't think anyone would know what it was if they saw the drawing and not the picture... oh well:)

Tell me what you think?!?!?! I would love to know if you think there is anyway that I could make it better;0)



John said...

Wow, Destiny. That is a really good drawing. You have improved a lot! Your eyes and nose are really good. You are very talented. Keep drawing. Would love to see more on your blog.

Karissa Anderson said...

Hey Des,
That is really good, the eyes arent so big,Hehe. You are such a good artist. See ya later

The Goldman Family said...

Destiny you did great!! I really, really, really like the picture of that pretty little Mailee Lynn!! :)
See you soon..Love ya