Monday, July 30, 2007

Pics from the Regional... That are very late...

These 2 pics were taken on Sat.
(The one on the side bar is also one of the pictures from sat. that he took:)

This is a picture taken right when I was just about to talk. (It's when I was giving my speech) (Grandma got me the outfit, thanks Grandma:)

Here is some pictures of our Super Regional. They were taken from a professional person that takes professional pictures in our company.

P.S The reason I am posting these so late is because, I just got the pics:)


John said...

Destiny, you look so beautiful. Now you are beginning to look 18! Stop it!!!! Some of it is the clothes...Dottie and you have really good taste. You look really sharp!

Destiny said...

Oh, thank's.:)

Ruth Owen said...

man you might not even want to compete with that by the time a tourney comes round. Cuz you'll have said it a million times lol.~Ruth~
P.s. it's really good though!