Saturday, July 28, 2007

Pics From The Freedom Ball...

The best of Friends
Karissa looked so beautiful!!!
I know, they put way to much make up on me:) Can you tell that I got some sun?
Kaila is so pretty
Aunt Liisa is due in a week, doesn't she look cute?
This is me giving my speech, not a very clear picture:(
I was a model for Macy's, this is the outfit I modeled:)

I'm waring my mom's boot's that are so high
Grandma looks so pretty
Friend's forever
Grad daughters with grandma:)
Mother and daughter, doesn't my mom look beautiful?
Now you can see our dresses all the way
From the back.... Kaila, Liisa and Karissa, (Mother and Daughters)

This is some pictures of the Freedom Ball we went to. It wasn't like a regular ball, it was all girls. They had some very powerful speeches on what the speaker/woman had gone through in her life. My mom's testimony got second place. They were having a contest, and whoever testimony was the best they would be crowned queen. Since I was a model I got to get my makeup done by Macy's, in MAC. It was a lot of fun because I had never got my makeup done before. I also got to get my hair done, and so did my mom. I sat down when I was getting my hair done and the guy just said, "Do you like it down or up." I said, "Down." Then, my hair was being done. So if you don't like my hair... it's not my fault. :) Ok, let me tell you a little bit what the freedom ball meant. It was all about what true freedom is, and in my speech I pretty much explain it. Oh, and about my speech, I did mess up a lllooootttt, but that is OK because I still think that people got what I was saying. :) Anyway, it was all about how the only way we will ever be saved it through Jesus Christ. Well, I have to go now, God bless. :0)


John said...

WOW! Everyone is beautiful. What a time you all must have had. Yep, it's party time, all the time, up there. I'll bet your speech went better than you think. Take care.

Karissa Anderson said...

Des, you did really good at your speech. Especially since you just memorized it that day!! Well see you later