Wednesday, July 18, 2007


Remember that freezing clod water I talked about on the last post, well all the boys jumped in! I cant believe they did, it was sooooooo cold:)
Collin and Alex

Grandpa-Ken and Me

The Goldman's Playing on stage
When we first saw the cabin

Here is some more pictures from the trip. Ok, I finally have the time to tell you all about the whole thing. We went to see the Goldman's perform at a blue grass festival on Saturday. Grandma-Dot and Grandpa-Ken took us all there. We rented this cabin that I talked about in the last post. It was right next to a little creek so we got to go down and look at it. We stayed the night there and on Sunday headed home at about 12:00. I think Kaila has more detailed things about what we did so if you look at here blog you will see a bit more. Anyway, we had a really exciting time and a blast. It was so fun for us cousins to be together and get to know even more (especially Kaleb). So now you know a bit what we did. Well, I have to go now, God bless:)


The Goldman Family said...

Thanks for posting the pictures. Grandma and Grandpa are sooooo awesome! You are very blessed grandkids!
Love ya

Aaron Sleadd said...

You guys have waaay too much fun! You should take a break sometime...right?....don't ya think?


Ruth Owen said...

Looks like fun! Where is the cabin? Hey Destiny are you doing Lincoln Douglas this year at the camp? ~Ruth~

Aaron Sleadd said... guys really need to post! ...haha!

Hey, are you guys going to the Scotts party on the 28th?


Destiny Kruse said...

I'm not sure, maybe.... I hope so:)