Thursday, June 28, 2007

Pictures from our trip to the Seattle Tournament...

Karissa and Ruth
This is a pic I of Aaron. (We were all so tired from going to bed so late and waking up so early).
Katrina just being cute (she was such a good little girl for us through the whole tournament)
This is during lunch
They were all watching The Incredible's while eating lunch
Karissa and I (Can you tell that I'm taking the pic)
Mrs. Deems and Aunt Liisa eating lunch
Katrina again (she is sooo cute)
This is us in the car on the way to the tournament
Karissa and I again (Kaila is taking the pic)
Cr8on and Kolten
Nathan doing his school
The boys sneaking into treats we had

I finally got my picture downloaded onto the computer. So this was our trip to the Seattle Tournament. We had a blast!!! The pics can never show how much fun we really had. I cant wait till the Tournaments start up next year. Ok, maybe I'll post about my day later. Good bye and God bless.


Ruth Owen said...

Those pics bring back lots of good memories that was soo much fun!! I'm really looking forward to next year. Arn't you?

Destiny Kruse said...