Monday, June 4, 2007


This pic was taken at speech club one night
Ice skating
Tessa's birthday party
We were all doing our hair in rags (Abigail's was just taken out in this pic, Hehe, she looks funny)
Emma and Me in our younger years
Seattle speech tournament
My lovely sisters
The cutest twins on the planet
This is when we did karate (we had just finished the tournament and it looks like everyone got a trophy)

We got to go horse back riding on the beach (I had a blast)

This picture is a classic
Here is some pics I wanted to post just for the fun of it. Have fun looking at them.
God bless.


Ruth Owen said...

Those are really cute picture! I really like the one of you Kaila, and Karissa in those dresses.But anywhoodles catch ya later.
Oh and are you coming to Apologetics this Thursday?

Anonymous said...

Cool pic

Destiny Kruse said...

I'm not sure, probably not because I dont have a card.

Destiny Kruse said...

Who is this anonymous person?

Karissa Anderson said...
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