Monday, June 4, 2007


Our pool is just a little bit over to the left on this pic (you cant see it at all in this pic)

Hello!!! So on my last post I said I was going to tell you more about yesterday. Well as you know we put our pool up. So what do you think we did yesterday, yea we went swimming:) My Grandma-Dot took Mercy and Me to Karissa, Ellie, Esther and Tessa's recital. They all did an awesome job. In one of the dances Karissa had to dress up as a cat, she looked so cute. (I wish I had a picture). When we got home my dad said that we were going to go play ultimate Frisbee, I was shocked. I had asked him earlier in the week if we could go and he said yes but then he said we wasn't going to. So I was really happy, I ran and got dressed properly for playing Frisbee and off we went. When we got there no was there. But gradually people started showing up. We had a great time. Our team lost though, it probably was because I was on their team. Sorry guys:) Then we came back home and cleaned up because everything was pretty messy. My dad rented a movie and we all watched it. Then we went to bed. Oh I forgot to say, we did have dinner. Hehe:) Now about today... all I have to say is... we woke up late and right now I'm watching the kids and doing my blog. (My mom went over to my grandmas house to help her clean up). We are going to do school after we eat lunch. Well I have to say bye now. God bless:)



Nathan said...

Hi Destiny,
We picked up the football and soccer ball- it's in the back of my car. I don't think we grabbed a shirt, though... I can ask around next week.

Destiny Kruse said...

Oh thanks.

Ruth Owen said...

Hey Destiny!
Sounds like you guys had a blast! I wish we could go. But anyways...see ya laterz. ~Ruth~