Thursday, June 7, 2007

I have to memorize my speech by tonight...

Isn't this a beautiful picture!!!

Hiya!!! I've got some news to tell you... I have to give my speech again tonight for our meeting. I hope that it's not just the same people that where there last time... I don't really care if they are there... but it would be nice to have some different people hear it. (they would know if I mess up, lol). I'm kinda sad because that means I cant go to Apologetics... but I don't have a card done, so it's really fine. Heehee:) Whoever gives a card tonight, I'm rooting for ya, haha! I love having this blog, its just like a journal, except everyone (I mean you) get to read it. So really you're just reading my journal... that doesn't sound so great, lol:) Well I have to go now, (they told me today that I was going to give the speech tonight, and I don't have it memorized all the way, busted) OK, I have to go and memorize, heehee!!! Bye, and God bless.

P.S Everyone go to Ellie's blog and watch the video on it, haha. It's really funny!!!

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Emma Kruse said...

Wow!!! cool post. -Emma