Friday, June 29, 2007

The Colonial Dress I made...

Sorry that the date is wrong (How do you like my foot, heehee:)
The middle part (the black part) took along time, if you cant tell (I didn't buy the material already gathered like that, I had to do it)
Here is a different view
This part took awhile (I had to sew them on by hand)
Finally, I am done!!! I'm so happy:)
This has been my project for the last week. I made it up from scratch. If you don't believe me... just believe me. Haha:) It was really fun making it. I made it for my cousin Anna for our 4th of July play. It took me about... a week to make.
P.S Do you like it???


Karissa Anderson said...

Wow Des,
That is so pretty!! I cant wait to see it on Anna. Well Bye

Ruth Owen said...

Wow that's beautiful!
I like that picture of you:o)it's cute.~Ruth~

Destiny said...

Yea, I saw you posted it on your blog:)

Ellie Anderson said...

that dress is so so so cute, keep posting.

Aaron Sleadd said...

Nice dress. :)

Destiny said...

I understand Aaron... you're a boy:)