Thursday, April 26, 2007

My little brother Jonathan cut his head open

My little Brother Jonathan ( He is soooo cute)
My wonderful Brothers and Sisters
Us Kids again
Devin, Mercy and Jonathan
Jonathan and Jared
Abigail and Jared

Mercy and Abigail
Show time
David is 14 years old
Devin is 11 years old
Emma's 10
Mercy's 8
Jared's 6
Abigail's 4
And Jonathan is 2 I finally get to post again. Today David and me went to an apologetics class. It was pretty neat, David gave a card. Right before we left to go to the apologetics we were taking pictures of our family and my little brother Jonathan fell on his head and cut it and had to get two staples. Well I should get going our cousins the Goldman's are over and I need to watch them. So here is some pics our family. God bless.

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Karissa Anderson said...

Hi Destiny,
Cool pics, but David is only 14 not 15. See you later