Saturday, January 28, 2012

Life is short-

3 years ago- 1/28/09- we were faced with the news that my little brother, Christian, had gone to be with Jesus...

As each year passes, I can still remember as clearly as yesterday all the things that took place that day. I was so confused... had so many questions- "Why? Why?!" "How could God let this happen?"... they filled my mind and heart.

And yet through it all, God showed Himself glorified.

We still grieve. Some days more then others. Knowing we never got to see Christian open his eyes, never got to hear the sweet sound of his laugh or watch him take his first step, cuts deep. We know Jesus has him in His arms and is treating him better then we ever could have... But the pain is still there.

However, we are thankful for the time we did get to spend with Christian. Thankful that God brought him into our lives. And thankful for the work we saw the Lord do through him.

Life is so short.

Whether we live to be 100, or die inside the womb, our life here on earth is so short in comparison to ALL of eternity. And we have one goal in life- To glorify God.

My "questions" after Christian died may not have ever been answered completely, but now I know not to ask them.. because I can see beyond just the "here" and "now". God has a bigger plan. And through His grace, we get to see Christian someday soon! :)

I will treasure your memory forever little brother... you are missed and loved. Can't wait to see you. :')



Rissi said...

I am sorry for your family's loss, Destiny. You are so right about life being short - it truly is nothing but a brief period. It's a reminder to treasure every day.

I hope this post means you will be blogging again - looking forward to more writing from you. =)

Alexandra said...

What a beautiful commemeration to your brother. God bless.