Friday, October 21, 2011

Happy Birthday, Emma :)

Today is my little sister's 15th birthday......

The words "Happy Birthday" just don't seem to cut it though.... so I've attempted to dedicate a post to her, and begin to explain to you why I think this young lady deserves the best birthday ever. :)

Gosh, where to even start?......

Ok, well first off: Emma is an AMAZING sister! And I don't say that lightly. She's the type of sister that every girl wishes they had! She's the one that makes you smile when you feel like crying, sticks up for you when people are making fun, hits you in the face when you're being an idiot (figuratively... not literally;)), has spontaneous dance parties in the living room with you, tells you the truth when no one else will, laughs at your dumb jokes....  and, that loves the heck out of you even when you don't deserve it! Yeah, told you. She's AMAZING. :)

I must confess though, we weren't always the best of friends... growing up she was the little sister who, at times, I got annoyed by - She got all the attention cause she was super adorable (and still is, btw, but I'm sure you all already know that ;)) - She always seem to be better at everything then I am (even though I am older :P haha) - But, through thick and thin, she has stuck with me... and, to this very day, I'd call her one of the BEST FRIENDS I could ever have asked God to give me!!!

The thing is, Emma and I know each other book-cover to book-cover. There's times where we won't even be talking but have a complete conversation just by the expressions on our faces! haha.We have so many silly memories, and continue to make them every day! She knows pretty much all my faults, strengths, weakness', what makes me tick and what doesn't, etc, (and vise-versa). We get into fights sometime, the funny thing is though, 5 min later we're hugging and everything's all good. lol:)  She always seems to listen to me when no one else will and comforts me when I'm sad. I love it when she talks and shares her opinion on things! At times we'll stay up till 2-3am talking about life, God, fashion, theology, and the list goes on! We tell each other pretty much everything.

Yeah. We're sister-friends.

Truth is, I don't know where I'd be without her. I don't tell her enough how much I am grateful that she is in my life. I don't treat her half as good as she deserves..... but still, she continues to love me.

I've learned so much from her! She struggles with some of the same things I do. And she doesn't deny or hide her faults. She sees them and seeks to change. She's not perfect. But by the grace of God, she's covered by Christ and is being molded into the woman He has created her to be! It's an amazing thing to watch! She may be my little sister, but I do look up to her (literally too, she's like 2 inches taller... but I'd rather not talk about that :P lol) the point is, I've grown to view Emma not just as my sister, or even as my friend.... but as one of my role-models that I greatly admire.

I LOVE you so much Emma, and am proud to be called your older sister! :) May this birthday be the best you've ever had! And may you grow even closer to Jesus this coming year! You mean so much to me, and don't you ever forget that!! :)


-Destiny ♥

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Rissi said...

Happy belated birthday to Emma!