Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Birthday Ball-

Emma, I love you! ♥
The whole gange... a lot of people showed up, and this isn't even everyone!
The birthday girls! So pretty :)
Caitlin, Karissa and I. Gosh I ♥ these girls :)
My sisters..... they're each amazing!
Cassie, Mercy and Esther! 

Emma's 15th and Alicia's 16th birthday party! It was a beautiful Birthday Ball. What a blessing it is to have these two girls in my life. :) 

The dancing was SO much fun, the DJ was awesome, food yummy, and fellowship fabulous! :) God is good!

-Destiny ♥

(pictures taken by Anne Turner and Esther Anderson)

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haroon changez said...

nice and beautyfull girls i love its
so nice